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June 7, 2012

The Elk’s House (where our golf course Superintendent resides) and the Elk’s Lodge building are each in dire need of roof replacement.

The Elk’s Board of Directors have sought and received competitive quotes for each of these jobs. The quotes for the two projects are for approximately $5,000 and $24,000 respectively.

We have reviewed the quotes and selected the contractors for the work. Motions were made, seconded and approved to utilize the Elk’s Capital Improvement Fund to pay for this need. Now, we must present this motion to the Elk’s Lodge Membership for vote of approval or denial. This vote by lodge membership is scheduled for the next Lodge Meeting on Monday, June 18, 2012 at 7:00 PM.

This work would, once again, reduce the balance of the Capital Improvement Fund substantially, which is not desired if it can possibly be avoided. We also desire to remain debt-free by not securing a bank financial loan.

Therefore, we would like to initiate a Capital Improvement Fundraiser to help off-set at least a portion, if not all, of the expenses to replace both of these roofs. We are asking our membership for donations of $50 – $100, that are very specifically earmarked for this “Roof Repair” need. Of course, any and all donations will be most appreciated and graciously accepted.

Elk’s Board of Directors

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