Thursday Night Men’s Golf League

Sign up for the Thursday Night Golf League remains open through the weekend so if you still want to join you have a couple days to get it done. However, there is a catch. We need an even number of teams in the league to make the league work. Right now we have an even number signed up, so if we get one more team to sign up we then need to get a second team to sign up as well to keep us at an even number. Unfortunately, this means that if you sign up this weekend we cannot guarantee that you will get in. At this point, if we can’t get two more teams to join, then we can’t allow any more teams to join.

That being said, we encourage all Full Golf Members to find a partner and sign up!! If all goes well we will find a couple more teams and that will make the league all the better.

You can sign up by stopping out to the Elks this weekend or by calling 351-3700 and signing up over the phone. Just remember that you must be a Full Golf Member and have a partner to be eligible.

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