Your Lodge is announcing our fundraising projects for Year 2014.

Irrigation Upgrade

In 1984, club members funded a new and for the time state-of-the-art automatic irrigation system. This was a big improvement over manual watering, it significantly reduced labor cost and improved overall turf conditions on the golf course.

Thirty-years later, we need to replace the “controller” that provides the automation. What was state-of-the-art is like many things in our life—think TV, radio and automobile advancements—now obsolete and impossible to get serviced. Repairs parts are no longer available and service providers no longer work on our model device.

The solution is to retro-fit our existing system with modern control technology. This is, as one might expect, not an inexpensive effort. A new controller, necessary hardware to allow it to communicate with the existing 44 irrigation stations and construction of a new concrete pad to accommodate the controller has been quoted at a cost of US$11,500.

Ash Tree Removal and Replacement

The emerald ash borer has arrived in Eastern Iowa. There is no proven prevention available for this invasive insect, the only remedy is removal of ash trees.  We have 36 ash trees on our property, many strategically place around the golf course and clubhouse. They provide definition to the course and protection from errant golf shots.

Over the next couple of years, our plan is to remove these ash trees and replace with hardwood varieties suitable for golf courses and each unique planting site. At this time, costs are still being compiled but removal and replacement of an individual tree is estimated at around US$1,000.

Bunker Restoration #9 Green

The “face” of the #9 bunker has been deteriorating for many years now. Every year a portion of the face collapses into the bunker floor and if allowed to continued, it will erode into the actual green surface. Everyone agrees #9 is one of our best golf holes and the bunker is integral to its design. We need to save and improve this bunker.

Our proposal is to rework the entire bunker complex, stabilizing the face and expanding the size of the actual sand area. We are estimated this project at around US$2,000.


As you can imagine, this is a huge funding problem for the club. Our annual operating budgets are tight—always have been—and there is no available reserve to fund these projects. Like the Year 2012 roof fundraiser and Year 2013 downstairs furniture fundraiser, we are asking our membership to make a donation towards these important efforts. Fundraising will commence on April 1.

Please consider making a donation by May 1 for these very important projects.

Details on how to make your contribution at this link:      2014 Fundraiser Donation Form

The following link is to a pdf of all of the above information:  Year 2014 Fundraiser Announcement

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