Golf Committee News

March 24, 2014

Golf Committee News


Our golf season will begin very soon! Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to play in our upcoming events!

The first tournament is scheduled for Saturday, April 12, our Masters Pick a Pro. This event is open to all Elks members 16 years of age or older that have a current USGA handicap. Play your own ball on Saturday and then pick a professional golfer participating in the Masters. If your net Saturday score plus your Pro’s Sunday Masters score is our tournament low, you win the event.

On Sunday, April 27 our Play with a Pro event will be held. Here’s your chance to golf with a local PGA professional. The event is open to golf members only. Be sure to sign up early, the field is limited to 40 players. Sign-up sheet is posted in pro shop.

Derby Days will be played on Saturday, May 1.  Teams of five will compete in one of our most popular events of the season. Open to golf members only with USGA handicap. Sign-up sheet is posted.

Remember our annual fundraiser and make your contribution before May 1. As of March 21, we have already raised $4,050 towards the goal of $20,000. Your contribution will help us remove ash trees endangered by the ash borer and replace with other tree types, repair and restore the sand bunker on Number 9, and purchase a new automated control for our irrigation system. Details and contribution form are available at the Lodge.

Lastly, be sure to attend our 2nd Annual Club Swap on Wednesday evening, April 2. Bring your old clubs and golf items. Make a deal to sell or swap.

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