Handicap Notice

March 25, 2014

To all golfers maintaining an IGA handicap at our club:

The active score posting season for the IGA (Iowa Golf Association) region begins on Tuesday, April 1st.  Acceptable scores made on courses within the IGA region between the dates of April 1st through October 31st must be posted for handicap purposes.

The IGA invoices our club based on the number of active adult golfers on our handicap roster as of the May 15th revision date.  To ensure we have an accurate roster for IGA billing, we will deactivating any golfer that hasn’t paid their $20 handicap fee by May 10th. Please make sure you have notified the club of your wish to be activated and have your Year 2014 handicap fee of $20 paid no later than May 10th.


Elks Handicap Committee


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