The pool is set to open 5/24 at 10:30 am.  We will have lunch served poolside from 11:30 – 2:00 this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  We will have lifeguards on duty this holiday weekend.

We will only have lifeguards and will only serve lunch on the weekends until school gets out.

The pool hours are from 10:30 – 9:00 pm daily (weather permitting).

Please take a moment to review the pool rules:

Elks Club Pool Rules & Policies

1.)All food and/or beverages consumed in the pool area Must be purchased from the Club. (No coolers.)

2.) Children under the age of 12 must NOT be left unattended by their parents. (Lifeguards are there to work, not to baby-sit.)

3.) No gum chewing allowed in the pool area.

4.) No band-aids in the pool.

5.) Swimsuits are the only acceptable attire for pool use. No T-shirts allowed in the pool. (T-shirts only have an SPF of 5, a good sunscreen is a much better idea.) No cutoffs. No aqua socks in the pool. (They are the second largest source for contaminates in the swimming pools)

6.) No large rafts or inflatable toys allowed in the pool. Small balls, water rings, are o.k. No inflatable devices in the deep end EVER.

7.) No tennis balls, footballs, etc. The only objects allowed are “nerf” or soft objects only.

8.) There is to be no swimming in the deep end without free swim called (e.g.: Lifeguards can only  allow either swimming or diving, NOT both.)

9.)Children are allowed in the deep end only after they exhibit the ability to swim the length of the deep end twice IN GOOD FORM.

10.) Patrons must swim directly to the side ladder to get out of the deep end. Not back underneath the diving board.

11.) One person on the diving board at a time.

12.) One bounce on the diving board and then into the water. This means you cannot drop to buttocks and then into the water. Either feet first or hands first.

13.) No running is allowed on the pool deck.

14.) No horse playing or chicken fights.

15.) No back dives or flips from the side of the pool.

16.) NO GLASS containers of any kind in the pool deck area.

17.) No hanging on the diving board.

18.) No hanging on the ropes in the pool.

19.) Adult swim will be called every hour and will last ten minutes. During this time all children (under age 18 years) must clear the water completely – this means get all the way out of the water.

20.) Everyone MUST sign in when entering the pool area.

21.) A $5.00 per person fee must be paid or charged by all Regular Lodge Members who are not Season Swimming Members and their guest.

22.) Nannies and baby-sitters are considered members of the family of pool members and will not need to pay the swim fee.

23.) Patrons must shower before entering the pool.

24.) Lifeguards are the FINAL authority in the pool areas. This means that the guards can sit people out of the pool for ten minutes, the day, the week, etc.

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