Women’s Golf League

April 3, 2012


The start of the weekly Women’s Golf League will be Tuesday, April 17.
League fees will be $45 for the season which will cover league fees and
proxy prizes.  There will be no skins game this year.  Instead we have
decided to incorporate these fees in the $45 so all golfers will be eligible
for prizes.  League play can be throughout the day.  If you can not play
until 5:30 that is fine, there are quite a few ladies who play around this

Super Tuesdays will again be held the 2nd Tuesday of each month (May –
Sept).  Fees will be $30 (dinner included). These are 5:30 shotguns starts
with dinner around 8:00 p.m.

2012 Schedule
April 17               Start of regular league play
May 8                   1st Super Tuesday
June 5                  2nd Super Tuesday
June 26               Women’s Club Championship (moved up from August)
July 10                3rd Super Tuesday
August 7             4th Super Tuesday
August 28           Last night of league
September 4      Final Super Tuesday

If you would like to participate in golf league and/or Super Tuesday’s this
year, please email Kim Jordan at Kimberly-jordan@uiowa.edu so your name can
be added to the email contact list.

Also, please feel free to email Kim with any questions or concerns, or if
you have any great ideas for league play or Super Tuesdays (e.g., type of
game). Thank you.

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